Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

17 12 2012

Dear Willard North Family and Friends,

By now you have seen the tragic news story from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut. I am writing to respond to the elementary school shooting that took place on Friday.  Several parents have contacted me to ask questions on how we will deal with the natural emotions that may result from information students may learn over the weekend.  Our hearts go out to those students, teachers, and principals who did not return home from school and the family and friends who are related to the Newton Community.  There are no words to fully capture what all of us are feeling right now.

On Monday, parents everywhere will send their students to school.  Teachers and principals will return to school with the aim of
“business as usual” to provide consistency for our children in this time of great tragedy.  I am anticipating that much discussion will occur over the weekend in your homes, but Monday may also bring further questions and need for dialogue.  In the interest of home-school partnership, I wanted to share our plan with staff for Monday, December 17th at Willard North.

On Friday, I met with staff after school to give instructions to be extra cautious with students on Monday and review all safety policies with the school.  There will be NO CLASSROOM discussions of the tragedy on Friday.  There may be some students who may be having trouble processing information they may have learned from home or other students.  If your child is seen by Mr. Anderson or myself, we will personally call you (parents) to review if you would like your child to talk about their feelings in a developmentally appropriate way.  We will also call you to review our conversation with your child.

**  Please note, the details of the events on Friday will not be discussed with ANY student at any time.  Details of what students are aware of are solely at the discretion of each individual family.

This type of event is impossible to explain.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you my parents and staff who love and nurture our students.

If I can be of any assistance to you or your children, please contact me at 742-2597.  My office is always open to you.

Angela Stevens
Willard North Principal




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