3/19 MONDAY!!!

20 03 2012

First day back from Spring Break was great!  It was really nice to see the students in the halls today before school hurrying to class.  They were all smiles!  Tonight I attended a Distinction Banquet in which Willard was honored for receiving a mark of distinction on the standardized state test (MAP).  This is the 6th year that Willard has received this honor, and it was great to be recognized by other school districts all over the Southwest region.  Just one more reason Willard is a great place to be.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Wellspring Ministries.  If you hadn’t noticed, they took a day over the weekend to repaint our playground as well as our nurse’s office.  They even beautified the front of the school and cleaned out the flower beds and planted pansies in our planters up front.  Thank you Wellspring!

We will be moving full steam ahead from now until the end of the year.  This week Jumprope for heart has started for the school, and the students are jumping their little legs off during the PE time with Coach Bills.

Please make sure to check the parent calendar.  We have several upcoming events including Super Tiger!

We are also planning a Rocco’s night, but have not set a final date yet.

Thank you and have a great week!


Good News!!!

8 03 2012

In the past, PTO has charged a few dollars for class pictures.  HOWEVER, this year PTO has offered to give every student a free class picture.  Thank you PTO!


  • Fundraiser items will be here on Tuesday, April 3rd.  Product pick-up will be from 3:30-6:00 on that day.
  • School is dismissing early Friday at 12:30.
  • Next week is Springbreak March 12th – 16th.

3/2 A Few Reminders

2 03 2012

Just a few weekend reminders from PTO:

FUNDRAISING PACKETS:  Fundraising packets will be due on Monday.  PTO has extended the deadline until Monday in order to allow for final orders this weekend.

NEXT PTO MEETING:  Next PTO meeting will be Monday, March 5th at 6:30 in the Willard North Library.  Daycare will be provided!

Thank you and have a great weekend!