Locks of Love Super Tiger

26 04 2012

This year we had 17 participants in Locks of Love. Our youngest volunteer is three years old. Thank you ladies for being a part of such a good cause!

Students today also got to silly string principal Stevens. It was quite an experience!

Don’t forget, Friday is our “Costumes for Community Decade Day”. Dress up for a dollar. All proceeds go to locks of love!


BMX MAP Assembly

24 04 2012

Students had a blast at the MAP assembly last week when one of the riders jumped over the principal!

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News from Willard North

24 04 2012

Tomorrow is our Locks of Love (Super Tiger) Celebration. This year we have 16 students, parents, and faculty who will be participating not only from Willard North but also from other schools in the district.

Wednesday is also the day Principal Stevens gets Silly Stringed by the students!!!

COSTUMES FOR COMMUNITY is Friday – the theme is recycle a style from the previous decade! Don’t forget your dollar. All proceeds will go to Locks of Love.

Just a reminder, Friday is a 1/2 day for all students. We will be dismissing
at 12:30 on Friday.

MOVIE NIGHT – our last movie night of the year will be this Friday at 7:00 in the Willard North Gym. The movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks!

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10 04 2012

Welcome back to School.  This week is MAP week for our 3rd and 4th graders this week and next.  We will begin MAP testing tomorrow at 9:00.  Here is the futurecast for this week.

4/11 WEDNESDAY:  MAP Testing

4/12 THURS:  MAP Testing, Kindergarten program

The Kindergarten program will be at the high school at 6:30 on Thursday.  Students who will be participating in the program will need to be there at 6:00.

**  Thank you to all the parents who came out for Rocco’s Night!  We raised $750.00 for Willard North.  All proceeds go directly back to the students to utilize for their classrooms.  It was great fun!  The teachers and I learned a lot about the restaurant business.  I think we will stick to teaching!

Have a great week!

Is it April already?

3 04 2012

We are already having a busy April.  There are just a few upcoming events to remind you about before break this week.

TUESDAY, APR 3:  Mr. Z’s fundraiser pick up.

WEDNESDAY, APR 4:  Rocco’s Night

THURSDAY, APR 5:  Last day of school



APRIL 11th and 12th will also be MAP testing for 3rd and 4th grade students.  If your child is going to take the MAP, please encourage them to do their best as well as praise them for all their hard work this year.

Enjoy the short work week and the nice weather!!!