1 05 2012

Can you believe it is already May and only 15 days of school left before the end of the year!  Here is an update for the rest of the week and a rundown for the rest of the year:

KINDERGARTEN SCREENING:  Thursday we will be having kindergarten screening for Willard North.

FIELD DAY:  Will be Friday, May 4th.  Grades 2,3,4 will begin at 9:00 at the High School Track.  Grades K and 1 will be from 12:30-2:00.

STUDENT PLACEMENT INFORMATION FORMS:  If you would like to request your child NOT be placed with a certain student or teacher next year you may request a placement form from the office.  Please be aware there are not guarantees for your request being approved, but your request will be taken under consideration.  This form is only for the above purpose and not to be used to request a specific teacher.

SUPER TIGER:  Our last Super Tiger of the year will be Wednesday, May16th at 2:30.

LAST OF SCHOOL:  May 22nd.  Our last day will be a 1/2 day and school will be dismissed at 12:30.

Thank you and have a great day!




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