27 11 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed their break.  It is quickly winding down and we will be back in school on Monday!!!  Where did the time go?

This week is a very special week!  On Wednesday we will be holding our Super Tiger at 2:30 and Principal Stevens along with ONE LUCKY Special Area Teacher are going to be SLIMED with hot fudge sundae toppings!!!  Thanks to all the hard work of all the students during the Read-A-Thon, it is time for them to reap the rewards of their challenge.

Starting on Monday and going till 12:30 on Wednesday, students will be able to vote with pennies for their favorite teacher to get slimed.  During lunch on the next three days, we will have jars with the names of Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Anderson, Coach Bills, Mrs. Mann, and Mrs. Fletcher on them.  Students can bring in their change and vote for the teacher who they want to become a human sundae at Super Tiger on Wednesday.  The teacher that raises the most money will get to join me for this Read-A-Thon Challenge!!!  All proceeds will go to help our local food pantry in Willard during this holiday season!




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